LMP on Oprah

I must admit, I didn’t watch the interview. I just couldn’t bring myself to do so; to watch a woman (Oprah) who, on more than one occasion, bashed the innocent man who, at least, gave her the highest ratings of the 90’s be dragged through the mud, again! I know I am not alone when I say “I’ve had Enough!”

But in all fairness to you, since I didn’t originally plan on watching LMP on Oprah in the first place, I’ve provided you with links ( http://www.mj-777.com/?p=6033 and http://allforloveblog.com/) to blogs which I highly respect, including one which didn’t view it with “tunnel vision,” or so to speak. I contemplated writing on the matter based off of other people’s perceptions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings, but went against that, and figured you can surely decide for yourselves what you though of the interview.  (Sorry if I come off a little narrow-minded, but I’m fed up with Oprah and her shenanigans! When it comes to Michael, she doesn’t vary from the trashy medialoid script.)

However, if you are not completely aware of the previous actions of Oprah’s which make her the expletive that I and many others think of her as, well then you’re in for an…awakening!

As I’m sure you are already familiar with, Michael agreed to do an interview with Oprah in February of ’93.  At the time, he’d just released Dangerous, his fourth solo album (as an adult), and even allowed the world premiere of Give Into Me to be shown towards the end of the interview.  Being that this was his first interview with Oprah, it was highly unnecessary of her to be prejudiced during this point. During her questioning, she was getting into to some areas that, for many were questionable themselves. She even made it a point in her interview with him to publicly embarrass him in front of millions worldwide- asking Michael why he grabbed his crotch, if his father ever beat him, and if he had ever had sexual relations with a woman. While it is one thing to ask a man about his sexuality when it is absolutely no one’s business (except for his), it’s another for her to ask if he was a virgin during a live interview which was watched around the globe by millions!

 Surrounding this interview, this, as we know of, was her first and only personal account with Michael. She didn’t know him them and she never has. So why is it necessary for her to continue to pretend and let others perceive she has or ever did? And why the hell does she keep comparing herself to him if he’s such a bad person?!?!

Fast forward to the early 2000s and we see a more disrespectful and ungrateful Oprah as seen in these examples below:

The day after “Living With Michael Jackson” aired, Oprah’s original plan was to discuss something else, but she couldn’t resist talking about Michael. She started the show by saying something like, “This show is not going to be about Michael Jackson but OMG, did you all see the documentary yesterday?” Of course, then she and her audience talked about Michael the entire show. She turned straight to the camera and directed a personal message to MJ and said, “Michael if you were my brother, I would say to you that it’s not appropriate to have kids sleep in your bed.”

She then invited guests on her show to get them to malign Michael & she’d laugh heartily at their disrespect during the trial. She asked several people about their opinions about the trial and MJ, when Michael wasn’t even the topic of the show.

1)As Randy Jackson had stated, during jury deliberations, she had a show about pedophilia. This kinda interesting because the old woman, the one who said she was an Oprah fan was the one who slowed down the “jury deliberation process”.

2)She had a show about unrelated men who share intimate relationships with one another (a deep closeness, no sex) yet continued to insist they were heterosexual. Something like that anyway. One of the men said he often shared a bed with one of his friends (again, no sex) and Winfrey laughed and said, “You’re sounding like Michael Jackson.”

3) When she had Jay Leno on her show, she asked him, what kind of jokes do you tell on your show.” He said , of course, Michael Jackson jokes”. She went on to ask about his trial experience. When he talked about “wanting to crack a  few jokes” during his testimony, she ended the conversation.

4) Larry King once asked her if she felt sorry for Jackson. She smiled slightly before saying no. (If that’s the case, then why would she feel she would end up like him and didn’t “want to end up like Michael Jackson”?) 

5)She had chris rock on her show for his movie “I think I love My Wife” where she pointed out a particular scene where the main characters (all black) discuss (and insult) Jackson, his father, and his case. After that she asked her audience if “white people do this?

Later, she kinda cheered  on chris rock and let him crack some jokes about Michael, and wanted more and more, but chris rock eventually stopped and said something like “The trial is bigger than we think, there are so much more behind it.”

5) During her interview with LMP , she pondered if Jackson used Presley and joined her in her belief that Jackson took advantage of her tendency to feel sorry for the misunderstood. Winfrey claims she was the same way and that Jackson “sucks you in” with this “I’m so misunderstood” thing.

6) On an episode of Body Dismorphic Disorder (an emotional disorder that makes “normal” looking people feel as if they are grotesquely ugly) Winfrey stated- after quickly pointing out that she interviewed him before his “sexual abuse problems” – that before the interview, Jackson was insistent upon controlling the editing. Of course Winfrey was insistent upon controlling the editing and wasn’t going to give way to Jackson. While going through childhood photos, she said Jackson kept hiding his face and saying “Oh, oh I’m so ugly.” Winfrey says she didn’t know if he was serious about that or if it was a tactic to try to get her to relinquish the control of the editing. She showed a picture of  Jackson at age 14 stating that she thought he looked “fine this way” then went to compare a professionally taken picture of a fourteen year old Jackson to a news photo of Jackson during the trial (amid eews from her audience) she proceeded to say that she thought he must have BDD.

About the body dismorphic disorder, she had another show about a woman who had been diagnosed with this very disorder. She was obsessed with plastic surgery and must have had a dozen procedures done to her entire body. In her video segment, she said she liked Jackson’s small nose and various other parts of different celebrities. Then she went on to talk about everything she had tucked and raised and cinched and so on to achieve these looks she so admired. Not to mention the regular visits for botox injections. After her video segment, Winfrey zeroed in on her admiration of Jackson’s nose. “So you like Michael Jackson’s nose?” Winfrey asked incredulous. She didn’t mention anyone else.

7) Another episode of her show dealt with business parents. One father said he admired the Jacksons and wished for his entertainer children to be just like them. Oprah looked very applied and kinda turned to her sidekick therapist “Dr. Robin” to talk sense into this man. Dr. Robin then told the man how wrong he was because one of the Jacksons is obviously “struggling” and he shouldn’t want his children to end up like them.

8 ) She had a slumber party with a bunch of little girls at her house once and promoted it all over her show as though it were the best thing in the world. This was after she had said she “would never put herself in a vulnerable situation like Michael Jackson had done with kids”. So, it is okay for Oprah to be in a room with little girls in their bed playing and talking, but not for Michael?  (Again, why does she feel the need to keep comparing herself to him? There are absolutely no grounds for that. Michael was a much better person than she will clearly ever be.)

9) She also chastised Jackson in a way when Jon Stewart was on her show talking about him dancing on top of the SUV. Stewart called him an idiot while she said she heard- not confirmed- that Jackson compared himself to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and that she thought that was wrong. She didn’t state where she heard that yet all we know she was talking about the Jesse Jackson interview that she made obvious she didn’t bother to listen to otherwise she would have known that wasn’t what Jackson was doing.

If you had the misfortune of catching “Oprah Remembers Michael Jackson” episode last year, it seemed to me a little self-centered. Yeah, I know it’s her show and all, but she was supposed to be talking about his good nature, fun-loving, wise, and kind self wasn’t she? Afterall, she was remembering him.

At least three times during her breaks between the interview where she would give her useless two cents, she was bent on stating that “this was before any allegations” as if he was only worth anything before then. PUH-LEEZ! She was worth more interviewing him! That, to me, says one thing- she must be ignorant as hell to inadvertently admit she doesn’t know that facts and hasn’t taken the time to investigate these claims herself. Instead, she bought into the hype of the medialoids; becoming a demon, and just as the rest of them, she gave in to the media’s agenda and spread the idiotic nonsense to keep her fan base (Afterall, she’d be nothing without those ratings). If she’d bothered to look into things herself, maybe, just maybe, she could have been one of those people who remained a trailblazer instead of eating the shit that was presented to her as substance and “proof of his guilt”.

Am I the only one who finds it questionable that after it taking so long to finally acknowledging his death, she does it by talking about her hair and how she stuffed her face with free candy? Not once does she offer condolences, tell what he meant to her, or anything. Give credit where credit is due O! You know if it weren’t for true hard-working, talented, genius trailblazers like Michael Jackson, you wouldn’t even be where you are today. (Stuff that in your mouth and eat it.)

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