UPDATE: Even Greater News! Officially Uncovered is Michael Jackson’s Name From the Gardner St. School Auditorium!

After 7 long years, Michael Jackson’s name above the Auditorium at Gardner St. School is officially uncovered.

10-15-10 Marks a wonderful victory for Michael's advocates all over the globe.

Earlier, on friday morning, Jennifer Marino of the Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name Campaign recieved notice that Michael’s name was uncovered and now, once again, headlines the auditorium. With the great news fresh, Ms. Marino then notified Jodi Gomes, family friend of the Jacksons, who then passed word to Mrs. Jackson, so that a proper statement could be produced. 

What was originally supposed to be a surprise until the official press release by Mrs. Jackson was made public Friday evening, and unofficially leaked without exact knowing as to the party or parties responsible. With the cat out of the bag, Katharine and Taj Jackson confirmed the reports with this official statement:

 “On behalf of my Grandma, we are thrilled that the “Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name Campaign has come to a happy conclusion. Here is a direct quote from my Grandma…

“After a number of heartfelt conversations between me, my grandson Taj, family friend Jodi Gomes, and LAUSD, I am overwhelmed that the school will proudly bear my son’s name on its auditorium once again. This could not have been done without the tireless dedication of my son’s fans and specifically the… wonderful members of the “Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name Campaign”. I look forward to my joint statement with the school in the coming days and thank you from my heart. Michael would be proud.” – Katherine Jackson


Soon after, the official press release followed:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    NEWS RELEASE�
Contact: Robert Alaniz                                                            October 15, 2010
(213) 241-6766                                                                       #10/11-089
Elementary School’s Most Famous Alum Recognized for His Musical Legacy
Los Angeles­The silver, foot-high letters gleam once again, proclaiming The Michael Jackson Auditorium at Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood.  It is the last public school attended by Jackson­then an 11-year-old sixth grader ­ who was the lead in a singing group with his brothers.  Three months after school started, Motown released their debut album “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5.”  And, the young entertainer was on his way to becoming an international star.
“It’s important for the District to value the artistic impact and humanitarian contribution that will be the lasting legacy of Michael Jackson,” said Los Angeles School Board member Steven Zimmer. I’m happy that we will be recognizing and appreciating Michael’s LAUSD moment.”
The sign was originally unveiled at the then newly-refurbished auditorium in 1989.  However, when the King of Pop was charged with child molestation, the sign was covered with layered board.  For the record, the entertainer was never convicted.  After his death last year fans began a campaign to have his name revealed.
At the direction of Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines, the tribute was uncovered today.
“In recognition of Michael Jackson’s musical legacy and contribution to modern culture I have directed our maintenance and operations department to remove the layered board covering the tribute to Mr. Jackson at Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood,” said LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines.

  So there it is, ladies and gentlemen. TRIUMPH. VICTORY. Could it be this was all in DESTINY’s plan? Cetainly feels like it. For this momentous occasion, I proudly congratulate all who partook in making this happen. Much love to the Uncover Michael Jackson’s Name Campaign, the Jackson Family (and friends) and Michael Jackson’s Fan-mily!

As you can agree, Thank You’s are in order. If you feel as though your happiness and gratitude should be known to the Principal at Gardner St. School, Kenneth Urbina, here is the address:

Gardner Street Elementary School
7450 Hawthorn Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046-2802
(323) 876-4710
(323) 878-0954 Fax

And the LAUSD, whose ultimate decision this was:

Los Angeles Unified School District


333 South Beaudry Avenue, 24th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017


 I know our efforts are approved with a smile from the one and only himself up above! Can You Feel It!?

O Happy Day!


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