Good News! Progress for the Gardner St. School Campaign (and Fans Worldwide)

For those of you unaware, prepare yourself for some exciting news! As of yesterday, the Gardner St. School voted YES to uncovering Michael’s name from their building!

However, there is still one major road block in the effort to permanently remove the covering which honors the most honorable.  A notification via passes along what will soon be going down:

Good morning supporters,

I just had another wonderful conversation with Mr. Urbina, the Principal of Gardner Elementary School. First I must thank him greatly for all his support he has shown us from the beginning. He was in support of this before we even contacted him. He is also just a wonderful man and has been nothing but kind, helpful, and a pleasure to talk and work with. I just can not say enough about him.

He did tell me the school just had a Back to School night and they took a vote on having the sign uncovered. Great news!!! They voted on YES!!! We thank the school PTA, Teachers, and Parents for their support in this matter. This is really big!!

He also said he did speak to Mr. Cortines, the Superintendent of the LAUSD yesterday. He is anxious to hear what we have to say on the 19th. But I will say the 19th will be big!!

Listen everyone, let me just say that this WILL be done. Our patience and peserverance WILL pay off.

Mr. Urbina also said he was inpressed with how we have conducted ourself in our campaign and comends us all. I have full confidence that all of our hard work and your support will not be in vain. Michael Jackson’s Name WILL BE UNCOVERED!!!

Also just to remind everyone I did post earlier that we were in a TMZ article today. The writer has contacted me and IS a Michael Jackson fan and supports us! I wrote him back my feelings on TMZ, lol, but thanked him for the nice article which was all true. I asked him to mention the campaign’s actual name too.

So much happening that is ALL GREAT!!! So once again, I will tell you all , MICHAEL’S NAME WILL BE UNCOVERED!!!

I really appreciate all of your help and really have much love for you. We would not be where we are today without all of the supporters around the world. Be proud to be part of a wonderful campaign to clear Michael’s name and have it UNCOVERED once and for all!!! We are making HISTORY her for Michael Jackson. Feels great to be apart of it.

Much LOVE, Jennifer Marino

In Case You Didn’t Know:

On October 11, 1989, the ceremony which gave thanks to Michael, occurred at Gardner St. School in Los Angeles, Ca. It was on this day, that Michael’s name would be unveiled for the world to see how much Michael meant to that school.

As you know, in the aftermath of the extortions of Michael, the school decided to cover up his name- despite his acquittal. (It’s outrageous his name was even shadowed at all. How dumb does that make the school look? Moving on…) For six years now, his name has remained covered.

To get the full story, click here:


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