The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

 How quickly time flies when you’re busy working– seemingly nonstop! He we are at the end of September… with barely a sour note to remember.

The  major breaking news we became aware of, one way or another, was the announcement the Jackson family made concerning the wrongful death lawsuit towards AEG. While this news was certainly not surprising to many (including me), fans still showed support for the action via Twitter where Randy publicized the original notification.

However, the month found it’s way to connect “MichaelJackson-ally” with us, despite those reminder none of us need reminder of. We were made aware of updates on the “new” Michael Jackson album and that amazing documentary; not to mention the remembrance of the one year anniversary of Michael’s burial. With that being said, I leave you today, with a thought that we all should at least have in the back of our hearts and minds: 

“Let sadness see what happy does, let happy be where sadness was.” 

 – Michael Jackson

Lets not forget our mission as Michael’s agents in the fight for the upholding of his justice!


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