Michael’s Samples In Today and Yesterday’s Music

It’s always interesting to hear someone sample Michael Jackson. Whether it be through song and dance, or a quote, just the unexpected mention of his name or the sound of his voice, naturally, always brings a smile to my face. So, you can imagine how I felt when I came across VH1’s Soul Player television program where, for a couple of hours, I was enlightened about many music videos which Michael has influenced in some way or another.

Not only is there sampling in music videos, but in advertisments as well. Nowadays, Michael’s songs are in commercials like crazy. There’s the ABC commercial headlining all the fall programs with Sheryl Crow’s cover of I Want You Back, the Shrek Forever After commercial featuring the same song (but not covered by Sheryl), and not to mention that State Farm commercial with I’ll Be There.

Backtracking a little, the majority of samplings I managed to catch while watching the program are throwback songs from the 90’s, with a few from the last decade. In the background of a slow jam or in the video itself, you can catch a slick nod to the One and Only.

Being that I decided to share with you what I’ve managed to find, I thought it would make things a little interesting to let you figure out what aspects of Michael were in each of the videos below. Of course, you don’t have to listen to the whole song if you don’t like, so I’ll give you hints underneath videos where it’s less obvious to tell (Really there’s only one. The rest pretty much speak for themselves).

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5 (hint: around 1:28)

Number 6

Number 7 (ok, so they tell you. This one is also the most commonly played sample I hear.)

Number 8

Number 9 (hint: around 3:29)

Number 10

Number 11 (hint: around2:11)


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