I’ve Stumbeled Upon a Pot of Gold!

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon behind the scenes footage of the interesting limo ride leading up to the Gary House visit recorded by Michael’s own mobile camera crew. I was pleasantly surprised to get notice of the exciting new find sure to surprise you and show you another (hmm… shall we say) “naughty” side of Michael you have yet to see, or rather hear. The behind the scenes limo ride that leads up to Michael’s last (that we know of) visit to Gary in 2003, comes courtesy of AllForLoveBlog (Muchas Gracías @ AllforLoveBlog). Stumbling upon this, I decided it would be nearly impossible for me not to share!

Just to give you a taste of what you’re about to see (although what you hear may just be the real attraction), I’m going to give you a quick little briefing on some of the many highlights of the video.

Around the 19:00 mark, you’ll notice some very colorful vocabulary describing the very bouncy body parts of a fan, and the “version you use” for arriving to “the house.”

Not to mention the “Typewriter” or the “Hibbity Jibbity.” (LMBO! Was that dude serious?!)

Another interesting point I figure I might as well bring up, was how visibly peeved Michael was becoming due to the fact the limo driver was running a little bit behind schedule arriving to the house. at one point, he even threatens to turn around and go back home if things decide not to go his way.

I know those are pretty vague teasers, but no words could do justice how truly entertaining this is to watch!


Yeah, the website is in chinese, but you shouldn’t have a problem viewing the video in it’s (nearly) 30-minute entirety. (Trust me it’s well worth it!)



UPDATE:  Through a helpful fan-mily member (mjoneofakind) at MichaelJackson.com, I was informed (to the extent of me leaping with joy!) that there are multiple parts to this epic of a find! The link I originally provided you with serves only as part one of a five part gold mine! And you know, once I became aware there were two other videos involving a charity event at Neverland and footage of his 45th birthday bash, well, I couldn’t keep them from you if I tried!

part 2:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/XF44zq5N-2E/

part 3:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/WqmF_ZIfVWU/

part 4:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/qInqq10yIA4/

part 5:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Sntj3ZRxH6A/

Neverland Chariry Event:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/WqmF_ZIfVWU/

Birthday Bash:http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/qInqq10yIA4/


5 thoughts on “I’ve Stumbeled Upon a Pot of Gold!

  1. Micah says:

    Hello there. It was me that was in the limo with Michael. At the time i was 23. I’m 30 now. a lifelong MJ fan. I was married at the time and my ex was asked to come into the limo(the girl with the drawing of MJ and the boy) she was in there for about 15 minutes then security came and got me(she had met Michael several times briefly before in Europe). I thought it was going to be a quick “nice to meet you, can i please have an autograph?” situation. It wasnt. Was i serious about the hibbidy jibbidy? No. I’m a goofball. if you listen to some of the things closely you can tell that. I was just myself.There’s a lot of stuff that isn’t seen. But you can hear me asking him about living at 2300 Jackson st. then telling him that it was a good thing it wasn’t 1677(something like that) Jackson street because it wouldn’t have had the same melody of the Jacksons song ‘2300 Jackson St.’ and also in explaining the sign i made i was trying to make something silly seem serious(“he peak or the climax” in regards to the “…”) and back to the dance, i make up lots of silly dances and songs all of the time.just part of my personality. They were all cutting up and i was able to be myself. i was told later that it was planned for me to spend the whole day with Michael(i wasn’t with him at the school or the baseball stadium) but it was his day.he recognized me several times after and ended up signing like 11 things for me in the two days. please pass this on. i don’t currently have a computer, just a droid phone so it’s hard for me to type alot. if anyone wants to talk or ask questions feel free to add me on aim-rehtaeHKO or msn-micahcampbell@hotmail.com thanks.

  2. Hymnsmind says:

    t’s such a tickety-boo site. cool, very intriguing!!!


    Opony Mozgowe


  3. Awesome website, I hadn’t come across fb4mj.wordpress.com earlier during my searches!
    Continue the good work!

  4. love it says:


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