One Year Ago Today…September 3, 2009

Today being September 3 gives reminder of another heart-wrenching day for family, friends, and fan-mily because it’s another internationally heartfelt Michael Jackson Memorial Day.  Today is the first anniversary of Michael’s burial.

Thursday, September 3, 2009, Michael Jackson was finally put to rest in Forest Lawn cemetery. One year ago, many fans were hit with that ten thousand-ton punch in the gut aside from June 25 and August 29. For many, it finally clicked that Michael would no longer be with us.

I remember the funeral was broadcasted on television. Whether or not it aired without commentary I couldn’t tell you, because I was prevented from watching any further past the arrival of family and friends. In hind sight, I’m grateful I didn’t watch.  I don’t know if the whole service was televised or if just the guests were televised, but I walked away thinking ”at least I didn’t contribute to the media’s gawking at Michael’s funeral.” Even then, it still didn’t hit me that he was really gone.

Occasionally, I cry time to time listening to his music, blissfully reminiscing, and it seems as though this ordeal is unfathomable. It’s still problematic for me to just accept he is no longer. I think, deep down, I refuse to, and I’m scared in anticipation for the realization to hit, when it does.

With that being said (sorry, but that’s all I’m in the mood for saying), I will leave you with this quote, and your personal thoughts.

 “Let sadness see what happy does, let happy be where sadness was.”  -Michael Jackson


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