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The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

 How quickly time flies when you’re busy working– seemingly nonstop! He we are at the end of September… with barely a sour note to remember.

The  major breaking news we became aware of, one way or another, was the announcement the Jackson family made concerning the wrongful death lawsuit towards AEG. While this news was certainly not surprising to many (including me), fans still showed support for the action via Twitter where Randy publicized the original notification.

However, the month found it’s way to connect “MichaelJackson-ally” with us, despite those reminder none of us need reminder of. We were made aware of updates on the “new” Michael Jackson album and that amazing documentary; not to mention the remembrance of the one year anniversary of Michael’s burial. With that being said, I leave you today, with a thought that we all should at least have in the back of our hearts and minds: 

“Let sadness see what happy does, let happy be where sadness was.” 

 – Michael Jackson

Lets not forget our mission as Michael’s agents in the fight for the upholding of his justice!


Michael’s Samples In Today and Yesterday’s Music

It’s always interesting to hear someone sample Michael Jackson. Whether it be through song and dance, or a quote, just the unexpected mention of his name or the sound of his voice, naturally, always brings a smile to my face. So, you can imagine how I felt when I came across VH1’s Soul Player television program where, for a couple of hours, I was enlightened about many music videos which Michael has influenced in some way or another.

Not only is there sampling in music videos, but in advertisments as well. Nowadays, Michael’s songs are in commercials like crazy. There’s the ABC commercial headlining all the fall programs with Sheryl Crow’s cover of I Want You Back, the Shrek Forever After commercial featuring the same song (but not covered by Sheryl), and not to mention that State Farm commercial with I’ll Be There.

Backtracking a little, the majority of samplings I managed to catch while watching the program are throwback songs from the 90’s, with a few from the last decade. In the background of a slow jam or in the video itself, you can catch a slick nod to the One and Only.

Being that I decided to share with you what I’ve managed to find, I thought it would make things a little interesting to let you figure out what aspects of Michael were in each of the videos below. Of course, you don’t have to listen to the whole song if you don’t like, so I’ll give you hints underneath videos where it’s less obvious to tell (Really there’s only one. The rest pretty much speak for themselves).

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5 (hint: around 1:28)

Number 6

Number 7 (ok, so they tell you. This one is also the most commonly played sample I hear.)

Number 8

Number 9 (hint: around 3:29)

Number 10

Number 11 (hint: around2:11)

I’ve Stumbeled Upon a Pot of Gold!

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon behind the scenes footage of the interesting limo ride leading up to the Gary House visit recorded by Michael’s own mobile camera crew. I was pleasantly surprised to get notice of the exciting new find sure to surprise you and show you another (hmm… shall we say) “naughty” side of Michael you have yet to see, or rather hear. The behind the scenes limo ride that leads up to Michael’s last (that we know of) visit to Gary in 2003, comes courtesy of AllForLoveBlog (Muchas Gracías @ AllforLoveBlog). Stumbling upon this, I decided it would be nearly impossible for me not to share!

Just to give you a taste of what you’re about to see (although what you hear may just be the real attraction), I’m going to give you a quick little briefing on some of the many highlights of the video.

Around the 19:00 mark, you’ll notice some very colorful vocabulary describing the very bouncy body parts of a fan, and the “version you use” for arriving to “the house.”

Not to mention the “Typewriter” or the “Hibbity Jibbity.” (LMBO! Was that dude serious?!)

Another interesting point I figure I might as well bring up, was how visibly peeved Michael was becoming due to the fact the limo driver was running a little bit behind schedule arriving to the house. at one point, he even threatens to turn around and go back home if things decide not to go his way.

I know those are pretty vague teasers, but no words could do justice how truly entertaining this is to watch!

Yeah, the website is in chinese, but you shouldn’t have a problem viewing the video in it’s (nearly) 30-minute entirety. (Trust me it’s well worth it!)



UPDATE:  Through a helpful fan-mily member (mjoneofakind) at, I was informed (to the extent of me leaping with joy!) that there are multiple parts to this epic of a find! The link I originally provided you with serves only as part one of a five part gold mine! And you know, once I became aware there were two other videos involving a charity event at Neverland and footage of his 45th birthday bash, well, I couldn’t keep them from you if I tried!

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

Neverland Chariry Event:

Birthday Bash:

Family Files Lawsuit Against AEG

If you haven’t heard by now, as of yesterday, the Jackson Family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Michael’s concert promoters, AEG. A tweet from Randy Jackson broke the news and tipped off the world to an expected decision of the family.

Yesterday, Katharine Jackson, Michael’s mother, filed a lawsuit against AEG Live, the concert promoter of This Is It. CNN is reporting that the reason’s behind the lawsuit involved reckless endangerment of Michael’s life by hiring “Dr.” Conrad Murray (Murder), and that AEG forced Michael into training and performing 50 concert dates despite poor health.

The suit claims because Murder was hired and directed by AEG, the company was responsible for the health of Michael. Evidence as provided by the suit state AEG threatened that if Michael were to miss any rehearsals they would “pull the plug” on the show. The suit also says AEG put Murder responsible for getting Michael to all rehearsals and shows at whatever costs.

“Indeed, AEG demanded and required that Michael Jackson be treated by this particular doctor to ensure that Michael Jackson would attend all rehearsals and shows on the tour,” the suit said.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a hot topic unless AEG had something to say about the lawsuit. Lawyers for AEG are claiming the lawsuit is “inaccurate, unsubstantiated, and meritless” based on the fact that Michael handpicked Murray. It refute of that, the suit against AEG says AEG didn’t bother to check the credentials of Murder, therefore implying the responsibilty was all on Michael.

Further details have yet to be released at this time, and for that reason, I leave you with this quote from Randy Jackson in my effort to not clout your judgements and for you to draw your own conclusions.

“Last year I promised that I would not rest until the truth is exposed about what happened to my brothers passing. May he rest in peace. I am doing my best to keep that promise. My family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG. Please understand its not over, we have a long way to go. There is more to come. We are just getting started.”

– Randy Jackson via Twitter.

WANTED: 500 Writers Willing to Write in the Fight for Michael’s Vindication

MJTruthNow is campaigning for 500 writers interested in speaking out against lies and slander associated with Michael’s name. 

Their goal is to obtain at least 500 people who are willing to write letters, comments, and speak to people about every injustice spoken about Michael, clearing up many misconceptions along the way. 

If you are interested or know someone who is, you can contact MJTruthNow (Vindication for MJ) at to notify the team. Later, when membership is ample, guidelines and resources will be set up to better increase productivity and effectiveness, as well as how and where to direct your comments.

Not hooked yet? Check out their site! A link  to MJTruthNow’s homepage is located under Friends of FB4MJ

Doesn’t Matter if You’re White- Just Black.

While the lyrics proclaim “it don’t matter if your black or white”, many still find the opposite to be true. 

Michael, in his lifetime, tried to unite races through music and succeeded to a point where no other could have imagined. He even did everything in his power to try to make this crazy world we live in a better place. In return, he wasn’t hailed or appreciated as he should have been (not even close in my opinion). Instead, he became another black outcast in his native land. 


Michael's goal was to unite races through his music. He did that better than anyone, yet his efforts are often overlooked.

History shows us, that in America, if you are a black person with a voice, you are a threat, and there is no good that can be done by you. Most likely someone or some entity will take what you do and say as something negative that needs to be “taken care of.” So, the mission becomes to poison the unsuspecting American’s mind with venom, and ultimately “kill the messenger.” 

What’s interesting though, is that we’ve been told time and time again to take away from our history lessons the greatest moral of them all- do not let history repeat itself. Yet, this is exactly what keeps happening. Why, in despite of social, environmental, and economical lessons which have been branded in our brains from the time we were young, are we letting history repeat itself? 

From public ridicule to the butt of cruel jokes, Michael was put under an incredible amount of pressure and was unfairly shackled with the chains of torturous scrutiny because he was black. Not only do I believe this is what ultimately lead to his demise, but I believe this lesson heeds a warning and tell-tale signs of a much-needed change in the media, music industry, and America as a whole. I’m not saying it’s full-blown racism, yet. Given his fan base throughout various periods in his career, I think the opposite to be true. Until, of course, a certain point. 

That certain point? When a black man (Michael) began to outsell a white man (Elvis). 

From the beginning of Michael’s career, it’s safe to say the majority of the Jackson 5/ The Jacksons fans were black. This being  that Michael was a young adorable black child whose positive image of Motown, catered to the black demographic (with the exception of Teena Marie). Now, one could say ”well things were beginning to change back then, so it is possible that the fan base was more diverse than one would expect.” In counter of said argument, change was apparent, but was slower to clutch American pop culture in the late 60’s, early 70’s. During this point in his career, Michael was allowed to be famous because “there’s no way a child could ever outsell Elvis. Let alone the fact he’s black.” White performers, for the most part, were the majority of the American musical influence and pop culture. So, there was nothing to really worry about, so to speak. 

At the point in his musical career, Michael’s solo success began at epic proportions. He earned the title of the first person to do outstandingly well on a debut solo album. Off the Wall was such a huge success by any debut album records, and yet it only won one award. Of course this brings up the story of Michael’s never ending drive to create the world’s greatest album of all time. But in despite of all the hype and success of Off the Wall, he was practically shut out of the 1978 Grammys. 

Now along with the stress that comes with the territory of a solo career, to make things worse, Michael began to experience the first signs of skin discoloration caused byVitiligo. ALthough, publicly no one would have known this until the release of the worthy follow-up to Thriller, Bad. 

As he had hoped, musically, Michael could not be ignored. In various music awards and ceremonies, he had finally got the attention he earned for Off The Wall ten-fold. Not only is this a pivotal moment for pop culture, but also when the rumors start crawling and the trouble begins. For a black person was beating all the records of white artists. 

Although Bad proved a worthy follow-up to his masterpiece Thriller, once again, after receiving much praise and beating records left and right, Michael was practically shut out of the Grammys. The excuse this time was caused by all the speculation about Michael’s personal life, and that got in the way of his awards. He became too weird for America’s standards. The theory of “we can’t let him do better than any other white artists, especially Elvis” comes to mind. More than just a coincidence? Don’t think so. The Bad Era also bred a new kind of media coverage for Michael. Non-stop negative tabloid journalism. This was the period were the media saw the changes Michael’s skin underwent, decided he wasn’t saying anything fast enough (or sufficient enough), and felt as if they were obligated to tell the world what they “knew” was happening. (More like knew exactly what wasn’t. Of course no one will own up to that. That would be too much like right.) 

Unfortunately, Michael’s appearance could no longer be ignored. From the last time he emerged from his haven in 1985, to 1987 when Bad was released, his skin was completely different. (… And the medialoids said: let there be lies!

Of course, Vitiligo is a rare skin disease. It’s easier to believe that someone who has no history of lying or being caught in a lie would know what they were talking about when it came to their personal medical history. So why was it okay for the tabloids and medialoids to continue to print those outrageous lies even after Michael’s spoken word? Why was it easier to believe that he was painfully bleaching his skin, instead of suffering from Vitiligo? 

Why, when it comes to Michael Jackson, is it easier to believe a lie?

( Part Two coming soon.)

One Year Ago Today…September 3, 2009

Today being September 3 gives reminder of another heart-wrenching day for family, friends, and fan-mily because it’s another internationally heartfelt Michael Jackson Memorial Day.  Today is the first anniversary of Michael’s burial.

Thursday, September 3, 2009, Michael Jackson was finally put to rest in Forest Lawn cemetery. One year ago, many fans were hit with that ten thousand-ton punch in the gut aside from June 25 and August 29. For many, it finally clicked that Michael would no longer be with us.

I remember the funeral was broadcasted on television. Whether or not it aired without commentary I couldn’t tell you, because I was prevented from watching any further past the arrival of family and friends. In hind sight, I’m grateful I didn’t watch.  I don’t know if the whole service was televised or if just the guests were televised, but I walked away thinking ”at least I didn’t contribute to the media’s gawking at Michael’s funeral.” Even then, it still didn’t hit me that he was really gone.

Occasionally, I cry time to time listening to his music, blissfully reminiscing, and it seems as though this ordeal is unfathomable. It’s still problematic for me to just accept he is no longer. I think, deep down, I refuse to, and I’m scared in anticipation for the realization to hit, when it does.

With that being said (sorry, but that’s all I’m in the mood for saying), I will leave you with this quote, and your personal thoughts.

 “Let sadness see what happy does, let happy be where sadness was.”  -Michael Jackson