The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

 For a proper adieu to the month, a Letter for Michael is due. As you all know, fan-mily all around the globe celebrated Michael’s Birthday in various ways. Really, with all the MJ B-Day activities, there was no way you couldn’t be apart of them. There were so many to choose from.

First off, there was the Twitter event promoted by Taj Jackson, which was a success, the Gary, Indiana Fanvention (a personal account is told at ), the MJIL Online Birthday Celebration where fans gathered at Planet Jackson in fellowship, Heal the World for Children Children’s festival where donors helped keep Michael’s giving spirit alive, and not to mention the various MJ related programs (my favorite being the FUSE Michael Jackson Takeover)! You can’t go wrong with his short films and concerts!

This month hasn’t been as shrouded in negative stories as last month, and with the remembrance of Michael freshly in our heads, the month ends on a good note. No matter where we were or what we had planned, we came together for Michael. Let the days where we gave the love and got love in return shroud all the negative that surrounded him, and show the world what exactly Michael Jackson fans are made of!


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