The ‘Living With Michael Jackson’ Mockumentary

Since the recent decision of MSNBC to hire Martin Bashir (Bashit) is a hot topic amongst outraged Michael Jackson fans, I decided to provide you with a little background info that gave the devilish, cold-hearted, demon success in the American lamestream media.

For those unaware of the totality of Bashit’s long running unethical practices, lets begin with the story that pretty much put him on the map.

In 1995, a faceless Bashit approached Princess Diana about doing an interview. Now you may be thinking, “Well plenty of reporters and journalists have done so. What makes him so special?” Our shining demon approached her in the form of blackmail. Thst’s right, blackmail. 

 Bashit hired a graphic design artist to falsify bank statements of Diana’s brother’s head of security; which untruthfully lead Princess Diana to do the interview. In what was believed to be an accurate portrayal of the Prince and Princess’ marriage, Bashit made it seem the Prince and Princess were both involved in extramarital affairs. The inferred “revelations” from the  interview with Princess Diana catapulted Bashit’s career in journalism in Britain.

I’m sure you’ve heard a little something about the whole Diddy fiasco by now. It’s not surprising to say that in 2003 with Michael, and recently with Diddy, Bashit was busted for unethical journalistic practices prior to his American interviewees.

In 2000, there was a young girl who went missing in England. In Bashit’s hellbent ways to get the first interview with the family, he told the desperate and worried father that he had information about her whereabouts. It turns out after the interview was aired, that the father filed a complaint that Bashit misled him by promising to give him info about his missing daughter’s location. The father had also claimed to be denied the access to approve the interview before it aired. So, as you may have guessed, Bashit did not have information that would lead the father to his daughter. If that’s not unethical, then I don’t know what is! Bashit reeks of the devil!

Back up a couple of years, and we learn 2002 wasn’t the first time Bashit had contacted Michael. 

As Bashit was making a name for himself over in England, he was in the works of gaining Michael’s trust. Long before the crock-umentary aired, Bashit made an attempt to do an interview with Michael Jackson back in 1996. That means Bashir spent about 5 years trying to coax Michael into doing an interview. You have to admit, there is something awry with approaching someone over and over for five years to do an interview. You’d think if someone says no the first time, the person would stop; you know, get the clue he is not wanted!   (This is proof all along, Bashit was full of it, and had a hidden agenda.) But not Bashit. He’s an idiot. That’s the only justification I can think of for hounding someone who clearly has no interest in you whatsoever.

   In 2002, when Michael finally agreed to do an interview with Bashit, Michael’s image was… well, let’s just say not its usual positive self. The previous year Invincible was released, but unfortunately not doing so well in the U.S. Also in 2002, Michael was suing Sony for not promoting and marketing Invincible suffucuently. Needless to say this was one of the more recent vulnerable times for Michael. Bashit, if not somehow responsible for the sudden drop in Michael’s image, was certainly picking up on Michael’s vulnerability, and decided to act as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In other words, Bashit’s schemes began to take effect when he gained the trust of Uri Geller, one of Michael’s friends. As soon as Bashir got Geller under his thumb, and the idea of an interview with Bashit to Michael was sold, he knew his plan was set.

In reference to an interview Geller gave in 2003, he explained that if Michael had people working for him that actually gave a damn about him instead of his money, that Bashit wouldn’t have gotten a second thought. (I agree!) ” If Jackson had such a brutally honest sounding board, perhaps someone would’ve stepped in and convinced Jackson not to do the Bashir interview after Geller had recommended it.” Later, Geller exclaimed, “He needs more people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. I have my own chutzpah, I am an Israeli, and I don’t bullshit. I couldn’t care less what people think about me. I speak the truth.”

Michael agreed to do the interview, and signed two-one paragraph “contracts.” Meanwhile, no background check was conducted, nor any lawyer present at the time of the signing of the contracts. The seed was planted and unknowingly, Michael opened his home to the devil for eight twisted, deceitful, and scheming months.

When “Living With Michael Jackson” aired on television, the interview exploded throughout various media outlets, and everyone was talking about one thing: the statement in which was edited to appear as if Michael implied he shared his bed with children. Of course Michael was not allowed to see the p.o.s. before it aired, or be apart of the editing process. If that was the case, Bashir would be nothing to this day and Michael would have completed his ‘THIS IS IT’ tour. But of course, that just wasn’t apart of Bashit’s agenda.

So how was Michael to know what would be aired, and if as promised his children would not be recorded and the interview was fair to Michael? The sad realization is that Bashit had firmly planted his feet in the American lamestream media in what is still probably the most profitable method: Michael Jackson bashing. As far as the media getting the side of the story where Michael is the victim at the hands of Bashir,  you better believe it didn’t matter.

Although, Michael did release “Living With Michael Jackson Take Two: The Footage You Weren’t Meant To See” to FOX, it didn’t get nearly as many ratings as Bashir’s interview recieved. Proof the damage was done and the media had made up their mind on how to continue to portray Michael.

Pedophilia is no doubt heinous, but falsely luring someone into doing an interview when the interviewee’s intentions are to bring attention to a National Children’s Day, but instead editing and the twisting of their words by the interviewer, in fact, portrays a guilty and heinous person is equally, if not more, heinous, despicable, devilish, evil, cruel, cold-hearted, atrocious, outrageous, and abhorrent!

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Bashit has more than enough of Michael’s blood on his hands to be blacklisted, ridiculed, or even sentenced to doing some kind of jail time. But what does the “journalist” who actually didn’t get a degree in journalism and makes his money demeaning reputations get instead? Certainly not justice, but a friggin’ promotion.

Maybe in Bashit’s impatience, he wanted Michael to pay for making him wait. I doubt it. The devil is evil just because, right?


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