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The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

 For a proper adieu to the month, a Letter for Michael is due. As you all know, fan-mily all around the globe celebrated Michael’s Birthday in various ways. Really, with all the MJ B-Day activities, there was no way you couldn’t be apart of them. There were so many to choose from.

First off, there was the Twitter event promoted by Taj Jackson, which was a success, the Gary, Indiana Fanvention (a personal account is told at ), the MJIL Online Birthday Celebration where fans gathered at Planet Jackson in fellowship, Heal the World for Children Children’s festival where donors helped keep Michael’s giving spirit alive, and not to mention the various MJ related programs (my favorite being the FUSE Michael Jackson Takeover)! You can’t go wrong with his short films and concerts!

This month hasn’t been as shrouded in negative stories as last month, and with the remembrance of Michael freshly in our heads, the month ends on a good note. No matter where we were or what we had planned, we came together for Michael. Let the days where we gave the love and got love in return shroud all the negative that surrounded him, and show the world what exactly Michael Jackson fans are made of!


For Michael on His Birthday

To Our Precious Angel- Happy Birthday!

To the greatest star to ever shine. The night sky alone was no match for the gleam in those eyes. 

No matter lamented or joyful. Always impeccably beautiful.

The ora of a genius, the spirit of a kind beast, the promise of a gorgeous sunrise, the warmth of a healing light is all that of Michael Joseph Jackson.

How bountiful the words to describe such a character, such a being?

Not plenty at all.

But abundant was his warmth, promise, spirit, and genius.

Upon the blessing of such talent, such care, such love and admiration for those less fortunate, deserving, playful, and childlike comes forth in the being known as Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael, You Are Love, and for that,

I Love You (More).


Taj’s Twitter Wish

Taj Jackson, Tito’s son and Michael’s nephew, has a request that is sure to keep Michael in the hearts of all on this upcoming Sunday. As you all know, this Sunday would have been Michael’s 52nd birthday. Taj’s request wants MJ’s fan-mily to show the love and appreciation the world feels for his beloved uncle, Michael.

On August 29th, I will be tweeting some of my fondest memories of my uncle Michael. Some tweets will be funny stories, others will be about how he both inspired and changed my life.

I need your help making “#MessageToMJ” a trending topic on Twitter on August 29th. Please tweet with your memories of MJ. Also make sure to use the hash(#) symbol followed by MessageToMJ so that we are all on the same page.

Some quick examples.

#MessageToMJ Thank You uncle Michael for always teaching me the importance of humility. I love you.


#MessageToMJ Thank You Michael for Smooth Criminal. It’s still one of my favorite songs and videos.

Those are just off the top of my head. Don’t forget to include yours this Sunday on Twitter.

Together let’s show the world how loved my uncle Michael is and will always be.



Taj’s Twitter Page:

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Michael and Madonna: The King and Queen of Pop

Michael and Madonna: King and Queen of Pop at the 1991 Oscars.


Once again we take a peek into the relationship of two of the most controversial, misunderstood people. The King and Queen of Pop.  

This comparison isn’t so much a battle between who’s better, but instead a look at the bond the two shared, or rather- didn’t.  

As usual, we begin with the similarities (or in this case the differences), what made these two polar opposites. You could say it was written in the stars!  

Michael and Madonna were both born to large families in August of  ’58, and even lived in neighboring states (Michael: Indiana, Madonna: Michigan). Although Madonna had the fortune of a childhood, she had so without her birth mother who passed away from breast cancer when Madonna was five. Michael, already an icon at an early age, spent his premature adulthood growing up in the spotlight. All the while being struggling to keep childlike innocence.  

Speed ahead a decade or so, and Madonna is a full-blown star now crowned “Queen of Pop” and in her prime. Looking at Michael, we see a seasoned veteran in his late twenties. The two are now controversial sensations and irresistible to the tabloid media.  

Although, Madonna did confess to being a bit of a fan girl the first time she encountered Michael Jackson[‘s talent], she’s also openly admitted her admiration for his song-writing capability and became all the more intrigued by Michael. (Can you blame her?)  

Madonna later got the opportunity to meet with Jackson early on in her career, and recalled their very first encounter.  

“I met him in the early ’80s, when I first started working with my manager, Freddy DeMann, who at the time was managing Michael Jackson. I saw him play at Madison Square Garden, and I was blown away. He was flawless. There was a party at the Helmsley Palace Hotel. He was very shy, but it was a thrill for me.”  

When Michael and Madonna were seen out in public together in the early nineties, the back story leading up to the date, was as interesting as the date itself on that unforgettable Oscar night.  

 It’s been told, Madonna called up Michael for a rendezvous, and told Michael her expectations, and it went a little something like this: 

Madonna: “I’m not going to %$#&*ing Disneyland.”  

Michael then replied, taking as stern a stand as Madonna…  

Michael: “I didn’t ask you to go to Disneyland.”  

Later in the evening, he laid down the law. “I told her, I am NOT looking at those spanky books. I am NOT going to a strip club where guys are dressed like girls and girls like guys.”  

 You can guess after that, Michael thought of Madonna as nothing short of a ‘wild child.’ Especially after stunts like this: “How would you like getting a phone call and she is telling you that she is putting fingers between her legs. I would say, “Oh Madonna, please.” She said, “What I want you to do when I hang up the phone is to rub yourself and think of me.” “That’s the kind of stuff she says. She does. When I see her she says, “This is the finger I used last night.” “Wild, out of control.”  

(It might do some good to mention right about now that some of these quotes and various what- nots are from Rabbi Boteach’s “The Michael Jackson Tapes.” While the so-called spiritual advisor is out spreading Michael’s secrecy, I wonder how he couldn’t feel any remorse for even thinking about betraying Michael’s trust. He’s a rabbi for cryin’ out loud. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to my spiritual advisor for advice, for whatever reason, I assume the strictest confidentiality.  How could he live with himself knowing he’s betrayed the trust of someone who has been mercilessly judged, ridiculed, and hurt by the lies being spread about him? Some “friend.”)  

Anyway, despite their differences in nature, they managed to make an attempt to cross paths again.  

“Like most performers he was shy and plagued with insecurities. I can’t say we were great friends, but in 1991 I decided I wanted to try to get to know him better. I asked him out to dinner, I said “My treat, I’ll drive — just you and me.”  

He agreed and showed up to my house without any bodyguards. We drove to the restaurant in my car. It was dark out, but he was still wearing sunglasses.  

I said, “Michael, I feel like I’m talking to a limousine. Do you think you can take off your glasses so I can see your eyes?”  

Then he tossed the glasses out the window, looked at me with a wink and a smile and said, “Can you see me now? Is that better?”  

In that moment, I could see both his vulnerability and his charm. The rest of the dinner, I was hellbent on getting him to eat French fries, drink wine, have dessert and say bad words. Things he never seemed to allow himself to do. Later we went back to my house to watch a movie and sat on the couch like two kids, and somewhere in the middle of the movie, his hand snuck over and held mine.  

It felt like he was looking for more of a friend than a romance, and I was happy to oblige. In that moment, he didn’t feel like a superstar. He felt like a human being.”-Madonna, 2009 MTV Awards  

While getting well acquainted with one another, Michael brought up the idea for he and Madonna to do a collaboration on “In the Closet.” Michael asked Madonna to write some lyrics for her part in the song, but Michael deemed them too explicit, therefore chances of any collaborating would quickly turn into unusable material short of porn. Of  course, the duet never was, and afterwards, both managed to get on with their lives. 


Last year, Madonna, like many other artists, paid homage to Michael and explained what he meant to her. What sets her apart from the rest of the bunch, is her speech at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. 

All in all, the relationship the two shared was adoring on Madonna’s part, and teasingly curious on Michael’s. To Madonna, Michael was a ”thrilling” king who she admits to abandoning, and to Michael… she was a crazy person. 

To read Madonna’s speech dedicated to Michael, click below. 


Michael vs. Prince: Was the Rivalry Real?


I’m sure those of us who have been around long enough are, at best, vaguely familiar with the relationship between THE KING (of Pop) and Prince and their so-called friendly rivalry. I’m not well acquainted with the story of how everything began, so,  I wanted to do some deeper research and provide a little more insight into the feud between the two biggest icons of the 80’s.

Now, if there are any of you who have some doubts about whether or not the various fiascos were publicity stunts, you might be surprised to know that they were real. In fact, it was more a friendly bout than a feud, where an over competitive Prince threw most of the (known) ‘blows’. Sure both were competitive chart dominating figures, but evidence suggests Prince was the slightly more competitive of the two.

First off, it’s no secret that MJ and Prince share interesting similarities. So much so, the media just couldn’t resist putting the two head to head, even if they showed no signs of being competitive with each other. Both were born in the summer of 1958, had similar styles of music, dominated album charts (Michael with Thriller, Prince with Purple Rain), both had a mysterious demeanor and did their best to retract themselves from the media spotlight (Michael’s safe haven: Neverland, Prince’s safe haven: Paisley Park); which led to raised eyebrows at their personal lives (Michael’s legal mishaps, Princes’ religious orientation), and both had problematic relationships with their record labels (Michael and Sony’s Mottola -the- Demon, Prince’s Warner Bros. feud) in which they each tried to protract themselves.

Similarities aside, they weren’t enough to immediately produce a friendly bond.

Once Michael and Prince both knew what the media was up to, it’s evident Michael tried his best to make them look stupid by attempting to show the world he and Prince were buddies- or at least on friendly terms. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly happen that way. The more Michael reached out, the more Prince drew back.

Those familiar with the ‘We Are The World’ incident  are aware of Prince’s arrogance. Prince said one thing and did another. This particular incident occurred when Michael was gathering the all-star cast and, naturally, invited Prince to sing on 1985’s We Are The World. To make a long story short, Prince confirmed he would go, but come day for everyone to sing along, Prince was a no-show. The reason behind his no-show- lyrical differences. However, if you care to give him the benefit of the doubt, he did contribute a little somethin’ to the overall charity album.

Then there was that incident that could have produced possibly the biggest duet of the late 80’s. The bad ‘Bad’ incident. Once again, had it not been for Prince’s cockiness, the two could have really had something there. I’m talking about the ‘Bad’ duet that never was. Legend has it, Michael intended for ‘Bad’ to be a duet between him and Prince. The reason that no such thing happened? Prince told Michael the song would be a hit without him (which it was). It was later circulated Prince stepped out of the chance to duet with Michael on the song because it wasn’t exactly his taste. (Such an accurate, but sorry excuse, wouldn’t you agree?)

In the face of evidence, it looks as if Prince liked the idea of a rivalry between he and MJ more than MJ did. It also seems all Michael’s reach outs were in vain. The behavior says it all. But when the relationship of Michael and Prince was brought up to one of Prince’s former band member’s, Bobby Z, Michael and Prince “got along fine.”

Michael drops his paddle and holds his hands up in front of his face so the ball won’t hit him. Michael walks out with his bodyguard, and Prince starts strutting around like a rooster. ‘Did you see that? He played like Helen Keller.'”

Of course, as shown by the quote, not every attempt to make friendly went as awry as did this ping-pong playing pursuit (say that three times fast). Not only did they get to quarrel face to face during a ping-pong game, but another band member of Prince’s tells of times when MJ and Prince would shoot hoops together. In thanks for occasional friendly encounters of one-on-one, Prince and his crew received packages from MJJ Productions of things Michael knew Prince was interested in.

Then, almost out of the blue, we get mixed emotions regarding Prince’s 2004 album ‘Musicology.’ On a track titled ‘Life O’ the Party,’ some interesting, attention drawing lyrics tease “My voice is getting higher and eye ain’t never had my nose done/That’s the other guy.”

Sounds like someone felt like rekindling an old flame. That piece of song struck many as plain ol’ disrespectful. You never hear about Michael shooting Prince down publicly (or anyone for that matter except those who’ve had it comin’), let alone on an album!

Sure Prince was getting his laughs in, but while Prince was starting many, if not all, of the fights, was Michael secretly waiting on his chance to act out in revenge?

That, as many of us already know, was not the case. In fact, Michael once admitted he didn’t even understand the concept of revenge. So, for Michael to lash out at Prince because he isn’t making any attempts to be friendly with him, would by no means get Michael riled up. Michael even showed interest in Prince’s music when he was an up-and-coming act, and attended backstage performances of Purple Rain.

“Michael Jackson even showed up to 2 Purple Rain shows backstage.  Although Michael Jackson did want to work with Prince a few years later, Prince declined due to lyrical differences.”-Bobby Z

 ” I would give Michael copies of the magazines and he would see certain people in the book and ask me lots of questions about the artists he was interested in. And that’s how he was introduced to Prince. After that, I started to let Michael listen to some of the Prince music I had and he was intrigued. -Cynthia Horner

Even after Prince’s 2004 lash out against Michael, you can bet the ‘rivalry’ was still going, even if neither made an attempt to ‘get’ the other in some time. Of course, I’m referring to the story Kenny Ortega recounted during the hype of This Is It, where Michael expresses to Kenny how God works through him.

“In fact, as the production got under way, it quickly became clear that Jackson’s creative ambitions for the concerts were beyond anything he’d ever attempted. With the budget already past $24 million, Jackson told his team he wanted to recreate one of the world’s largest waterfalls — Victoria Falls in southern Africa — on the stage. “I was ready to jump off the balcony of my office,” says Randy Phillips, president of the concert promotion firm AEG Live. “We went and met with Michael, and [director] Kenny [Ortega] said, ‘Michael, you’ve got to stop. We’ve got an incredible show, we don’t need any more vignettes.’ Michael said, ‘But Kenny, God channels this through me at night. I can’t sleep because I’m so supercharged.’ Kenny said, ‘But Michael, we have to finish. Can’t God take a vacation?’ Without missing a beat, Michael said, ‘You don’t understand — if I’m not there to receive these ideas, God might give them to Prince.’ ”

Despite their past, Prince was in no way hell-bent to keep the quarrel ongoing. As recently as last year, Prince had been performing renditions of DSTYGE and Dancing Machine in honor of his late “playmate.”

So, the question still remains: was their rival born from naturally competitive personalities or was this just a mere publicity stunt?

I think it’s safe to say that everything was in the name of fun. Though both competitive, neither took the rivalry thing too far (although those lyrics were a close call on Prince’s part), and no hard feelings were established. It’s even been rumored that Will.I.Am, who worked with Michael on Thriller 25, was the bridge between the reconciliations and at-last admitted friendship between the two back in 2008. (I’m not so sure there was anything to claim to have fixed.)

Whatever the tale, Prince and MJ were friends. Some may go as far as to say ‘friendly rivals,’ but I guess only Prince really knows for sure what kind of relationship the two shared. Either way, they’ve both acknowledged their respect for one another.

Jermaine to Appear on Celebrity Ghost Stories

While reviewing my TV guide one night, I came across an interesting find. It appears on an upcoming episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories, Jermaine Jackson will be sharing a personal ghost story.

The show will air Saturday, August 21 at 9 p.m. eastern on the Bio Channel. (Still if you’re interested, you should check your local listings!)

Whether or not any of this has to do with Michael, I am not sure.  The description of Jermaine’s particular episode says he encountered an elderly woman haunting his family’s estate, but then again you never know which way the show could turn. Although I admit to tuning into the show once, I have to say I thought it was a little on the cheesy side. For the most part, the people interviewed are actors/celebrities. So whatever they “recount” could be a made up story versus a real personal account. Then again, anybody can make up anything.

Due to my curiosity, I plan on tuning in.

Michael’s Moves: Imitation or Thievery?

Lately I’ve felt like ranting about a particularly thought-provoking topic involving young male performers influenced by the one and only. 

Looking at some of these newer performers, it appears to me that most of their ‘freestyle’ involves very familiar, decade old moves. Michael’s.

Of course just about everyone (artist) has been influenced by him in one way or another, but when does imitation become accidental thievery? Sure one may profess his love of Michael his idol and attempt a couple of moves for the fans, but where is the line drawn?

Nonetheless, without Michael here to wow us by performing his dashing moves once more, the line is becoming thinner. It’s as if many male ‘sing and dance’ artists are universally saying ‘I’m the next Michael Jackson, so let me prove it by dancing like him.’ Then again, he did create the threshold.

On the one hand, yes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. One can perform the moves as a tribute (without a breakdown), or even prove themselves the life of the party every now and then. However, Michael set the bar for what knocks the audience off their feet; and someone else performing an MJ- type move is becoming more and more popular. Depending on how you look at it, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. 

From the bright side of things, we acknowledge the children and teens in the throws of MJ Fever and what Michael was all about. Not only that, but we see all the negative which surrounded him will not be reborn into another generation. We also see Michael’s style coming back into fashion, making his appeal, energy, and message stand the test of time and the ruthless media like no other.

On the other hand, we see those who are not as familiar with all of Michael’s moves see artists who are copying those moves and (un)knowingly passing them off as their own. Thus, bringing forth a new type of plagiarism.

This proves times are ‘a-changin’ due to the fact that people claiming to be influenced by Michael truthfully are making money off of him as well.

Now I’m not saying  ‘These are Michael’s moves meant only for Michael!’ but my thing is, there are just some things you leave to the master. There are times to break out your best imitation of the master’s Moonwalk, but not when you are trying to promote yourself!

With that being said, below is a little clip from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ demonstrating the ‘imitation is flattery’ aspect of performing Michael’s moves. (This is actually quite funny. Enjoy!)

Switched At Birth & the Other Little Known MJ Movies

A little while ago I came across an interesting discovery and decided to share it with those who would be as interested in it as I! I stumbled upon this fascinating find from the Music Choice Channel one day. 

It’s safe to say the majority of Michael Jackson fans are familiar with his acting career from works like ‘ The Jackson Five’ to  ‘Ben’ to ‘Miss Castaway’, but I’m willing to bet some, if not most, are unfamiliar about his 1991 made for TV flick ‘Switched At Birth.’ 

Michael played as himself in this made for TV movie

Full Synopsis: 

The two-part, four-hour TV movie Switched at Birth is based on an actual event which began unfolding in Wauchula, Florida in 1978. Brian Kerwin and Judith Hoag play the new parents of a baby girl; a few days later, another couple, played by John M. Jackson and Bonnie Bedelia, have a baby at the same hospital. Kerwin and Hoag’s baby is healthy; Jackson and Bedelia’s baby has a heart defect. Switched at Birth traces the lives of the two girls over a period of eight years–up to the point of a tragedy which opens the possibility that the girls may not have been given over to the correct parents at the hospital. The four parents involved find themselves in court, battling over custody of the surviving child. This intensely personal problem is bloated into a cause celebre by the press and by parents’ rights pressure groups. Edward Asner and Caroline McWilliams appear as the opposing attorneys. Those who’d been following the two-part Switched at Birth during its first telecast in April of 1991 may have found themselves in family conflicts of their own, inasmuch as Part Two was shown opposite the network TV premiere of Die Hard.
~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Some other time ago, I found out about another forgotten TV appearance on the ‘ABC Afterschool Specials’. Michael played in ‘Daddy Can’t Read ‘ and also played as himself in this. Unfortunately, since I cannot find clips for either of these, I have no  idea how he connects with the storyline, and the only info I’ve been able to come across entails him playing as himself. 


Full Plot Summary: 

 Teenager Alison Watson is helping to promote a campaign to fight adult illiteracy in her town. Mr. Ruigh is teaching classes, and all the students are women. Alison’s father Bill Watson works at a factory which will soon modernize, and workers will need to read and use computers on the job. Bill doesn’t want his daughter pitching the literacy program to his workers, because he fears they will be targets of layoffs if supervisors realize they are illiterate. Written by Ken Miller   

Attatched to that summary was the email address of the writer. I’m guessing this person gave their email out for a reason, so why not ask him for a link to the video, or whatever information he happens to have regarding this jewel of a find. 

While researching on the subject of Michael’s little known roles in little remembered movies, I came across a 1972 TV special titled ‘Free To Be You and Me’ by Marlo Thomas & Friends. I found out that not only is Michael listed as apart of the cast, but it also includes Dionne Warwick, Harry Belafonte. and Diana Ross. 


Free To Be You And Me was a project of the Ms. Foundation for Women, which of whom first introduced a storybook and later a CD with the same title. 

Here’s a link to the whole history of the soundtrack: 

And strictly for your entertainment, a clip of a fourteen-year- old Michael’s performance! Enjoy! 



I’m aware that telling you about the previous two programs teases you to know end, and I feel your pain. If I do run across something else, I will let you know and update the post a.s.a.p! 

BTW: Here’s a link to MJ’s full filmography (It’s a bit outdated):

The ‘Living With Michael Jackson’ Mockumentary

Since the recent decision of MSNBC to hire Martin Bashir (Bashit) is a hot topic amongst outraged Michael Jackson fans, I decided to provide you with a little background info that gave the devilish, cold-hearted, demon success in the American lamestream media.

For those unaware of the totality of Bashit’s long running unethical practices, lets begin with the story that pretty much put him on the map.

In 1995, a faceless Bashit approached Princess Diana about doing an interview. Now you may be thinking, “Well plenty of reporters and journalists have done so. What makes him so special?” Our shining demon approached her in the form of blackmail. Thst’s right, blackmail. 

 Bashit hired a graphic design artist to falsify bank statements of Diana’s brother’s head of security; which untruthfully lead Princess Diana to do the interview. In what was believed to be an accurate portrayal of the Prince and Princess’ marriage, Bashit made it seem the Prince and Princess were both involved in extramarital affairs. The inferred “revelations” from the  interview with Princess Diana catapulted Bashit’s career in journalism in Britain.

I’m sure you’ve heard a little something about the whole Diddy fiasco by now. It’s not surprising to say that in 2003 with Michael, and recently with Diddy, Bashit was busted for unethical journalistic practices prior to his American interviewees.

In 2000, there was a young girl who went missing in England. In Bashit’s hellbent ways to get the first interview with the family, he told the desperate and worried father that he had information about her whereabouts. It turns out after the interview was aired, that the father filed a complaint that Bashit misled him by promising to give him info about his missing daughter’s location. The father had also claimed to be denied the access to approve the interview before it aired. So, as you may have guessed, Bashit did not have information that would lead the father to his daughter. If that’s not unethical, then I don’t know what is! Bashit reeks of the devil!

Back up a couple of years, and we learn 2002 wasn’t the first time Bashit had contacted Michael. 

As Bashit was making a name for himself over in England, he was in the works of gaining Michael’s trust. Long before the crock-umentary aired, Bashit made an attempt to do an interview with Michael Jackson back in 1996. That means Bashir spent about 5 years trying to coax Michael into doing an interview. You have to admit, there is something awry with approaching someone over and over for five years to do an interview. You’d think if someone says no the first time, the person would stop; you know, get the clue he is not wanted!   (This is proof all along, Bashit was full of it, and had a hidden agenda.) But not Bashit. He’s an idiot. That’s the only justification I can think of for hounding someone who clearly has no interest in you whatsoever.

   In 2002, when Michael finally agreed to do an interview with Bashit, Michael’s image was… well, let’s just say not its usual positive self. The previous year Invincible was released, but unfortunately not doing so well in the U.S. Also in 2002, Michael was suing Sony for not promoting and marketing Invincible suffucuently. Needless to say this was one of the more recent vulnerable times for Michael. Bashit, if not somehow responsible for the sudden drop in Michael’s image, was certainly picking up on Michael’s vulnerability, and decided to act as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In other words, Bashit’s schemes began to take effect when he gained the trust of Uri Geller, one of Michael’s friends. As soon as Bashir got Geller under his thumb, and the idea of an interview with Bashit to Michael was sold, he knew his plan was set.

In reference to an interview Geller gave in 2003, he explained that if Michael had people working for him that actually gave a damn about him instead of his money, that Bashit wouldn’t have gotten a second thought. (I agree!) ” If Jackson had such a brutally honest sounding board, perhaps someone would’ve stepped in and convinced Jackson not to do the Bashir interview after Geller had recommended it.” Later, Geller exclaimed, “He needs more people who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. I have my own chutzpah, I am an Israeli, and I don’t bullshit. I couldn’t care less what people think about me. I speak the truth.”

Michael agreed to do the interview, and signed two-one paragraph “contracts.” Meanwhile, no background check was conducted, nor any lawyer present at the time of the signing of the contracts. The seed was planted and unknowingly, Michael opened his home to the devil for eight twisted, deceitful, and scheming months.

When “Living With Michael Jackson” aired on television, the interview exploded throughout various media outlets, and everyone was talking about one thing: the statement in which was edited to appear as if Michael implied he shared his bed with children. Of course Michael was not allowed to see the p.o.s. before it aired, or be apart of the editing process. If that was the case, Bashir would be nothing to this day and Michael would have completed his ‘THIS IS IT’ tour. But of course, that just wasn’t apart of Bashit’s agenda.

So how was Michael to know what would be aired, and if as promised his children would not be recorded and the interview was fair to Michael? The sad realization is that Bashit had firmly planted his feet in the American lamestream media in what is still probably the most profitable method: Michael Jackson bashing. As far as the media getting the side of the story where Michael is the victim at the hands of Bashir,  you better believe it didn’t matter.

Although, Michael did release “Living With Michael Jackson Take Two: The Footage You Weren’t Meant To See” to FOX, it didn’t get nearly as many ratings as Bashir’s interview recieved. Proof the damage was done and the media had made up their mind on how to continue to portray Michael.

Pedophilia is no doubt heinous, but falsely luring someone into doing an interview when the interviewee’s intentions are to bring attention to a National Children’s Day, but instead editing and the twisting of their words by the interviewer, in fact, portrays a guilty and heinous person is equally, if not more, heinous, despicable, devilish, evil, cruel, cold-hearted, atrocious, outrageous, and abhorrent!

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Bashit has more than enough of Michael’s blood on his hands to be blacklisted, ridiculed, or even sentenced to doing some kind of jail time. But what does the “journalist” who actually didn’t get a degree in journalism and makes his money demeaning reputations get instead? Certainly not justice, but a friggin’ promotion.

Maybe in Bashit’s impatience, he wanted Michael to pay for making him wait. I doubt it. The devil is evil just because, right?