The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

Looking back on the past month, the media hasn’t had many positive stories. So to brighten things up a little, I decided to introduce an end-of -the-month installment where I write a letter expressing why I fight against the injustice of the lamestream media against Michael Jackson. The letter will most likely be a cocktail of (as usual) what’s wrong with the media and how Michael Jackson didn’t and doesn’t deserve all negative that is dished out at his expense. A Letter for Michael also serves as a reminder of why we fight against the media’s despicable ratings-driven agenda.

Just over thirteen months now, the world has been without the kindest, most tortured soul the modern world has ever had the blessing of experiencing, and yet his legacy is still being disrespected. And we his fans, friends, and family so desperately want him to be remembered for how great he was and all he’s done to help  the world become a better place. But time and time again, we see deceptive people involved with the media disregard any ethics they may have been taught when it comes to Michael Jackson. It seems speaking ill of the dead is an unquestionable adage. Unfortunately in the case of Michael Jackson, all ethics of those who run the media are thrown out the window, only to pass themselves off as being ethical by claiming to not directly force opinion into a report. It only seems right that you would give the man a break now that he is no longer here, but to the media, if it’s one thing they cannot go without, it’s a ridiculous tabloid-soaked Michael Jackson story. It seems a Michael Jackson related story is too hard to pass up. Especially if it is bound to get a reaction.

But amidst all the negative, taking time to look back and remember why we fell in love with Michael is all that matters.

For me, Michael was apart of my life for as far back as I can remember. My earliest recollections were of my cousin and I watching the Bad short film. Back then I was taking dance classes, so I was known to occasionally cut a rug. I remember watching Michael with so much wonder and awe and turning to my cousin and telling him “I’m gonna marry him one day.” From then on, my love for Michael and was something I knew could not be shaken. Needless to say, I still have those feelings today. It’s because of Michael Jackson, I know I want to be a choreographer someday.

If there is one thing I learned within the past thirteen months, it’s to never stop fighting for the man who fought for those who are disadvantaged, ill, or helpless.  It’s to still keep love in your heart and remain a strong individual. It’s to give to the world in creative and uncharted ways. It’s to simply give love. If you acknowledge him as nothing else,  at least remember him as a global carrier of love. For the true blue fans, it’s as if that love and admiration alone tells us what to believe and what to question.

Michael Jackson is the epitomy of love and peace.


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