MSNBC Say What?!

Got that right!


MSNBC has recently decided to make the poor choice of moving Bashir from ABC to their network. The president of MSNBC insists “this is the direction MSNBC wants to go.”  

If you’re not familiar with Bashir there is no excuse for you to not be. Martin Bashir was originally a schmuck of a tabloid journalist in England and has pretty much kept up with the reputation of being everything that a tabloid journalist is associated with, even up until that infamous mock of a documentary ‘Living With Michael Jackson.’ Except not only did he still have a job after Michael was acquitted from the allegations brought against him born from the ‘documentary,’ but now he’s getting short of a promotion! 

To meet Michael, Bashir lied his way into Michael’s home by claiming to have befriended Princess Diana after interviewing her some time before. He reportedly showed Michael a note from the Princess herself that allegedly thanked Bashir for his good work. Unfortunately, that was enough to gain Michael’s trust.  He’s the demonic idiot who made what was agreed to be Michael’s advocacy for a ‘National Children’s Day’ into an accusing filthy p.o.s. about Michael and his “strange relationship with children” instead. What’s different from this time is that the  dirty rain cloud hung continuously above his head until he was gone; which makes Bashir the original source behind all the b.s. Michael had gone through in the mid 2000’s.  

Due to that ‘documentary,’ Michael was once again despicably accused. 

Only in America do journalists repay people who defame innocent beings with a twisted tale so as to get ratings. It’s a repeated theme. Especially when it comes to Michael Jackson.  

Believe, we can do something about this! Contact these people at MSNBC. Never forget why we fight!  

MSNBC Twitter:  

MSNBC Facebook:  

MSNBC Comments:  

Here’s my comment sent to MSNBC:  

I recently saw a story on a blog which I couldn’t help but speak out against concerning the decision to move Martin Bashir from ABC to MSNBC. I’m curious as to why it’s alright to give this joker a promotion considering all the tumult he has put Michael Jackson through. The “documentary,” ‘Living With Michael Jackson’ was a despicable and heartless attack against a man who has done nothing to deserve this kind of selfish and cruel journalism. How professional is it that Bashir made an innocent man look terrible due to his own selfish agenda?  If he was going to make something of himself in America he certainly did not want to be seen as a Michael Jackson supporter. He catapulted his own career on the back of bashing an innocent man. By giving him this position, understand you WILL loose the viewership of many.  


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