Vehement New Article Gets to Bottom of Media’s Conspiracy Against Michael

“Case Study: The Caricature” is an article I ran across at All For Love Blog considered to be up there with Thomson’s article “The Most Shameful Episode In Journalistic History.”

An amazing read, “Case Study: The Caricature” exposes the media for the  hand in destroying Michael’s reputation.  Jan Carlson, the author, flawlessly explains and exposes how and why the media ruined Michael’s reputation in great detail. The article is apart of the Voices Education Project which is dedicated to helping people “understand and transcend the roots of violence by hearing and giving voice to personal stories.”

Although the project has just recently come to my attention, I have to say I do love the concept. And if their mission statement didn’t get you, just wait until you’ve read the article.

Here’s an excerpt of  “Case Study: The Caricature”


Systematic media brainwashing over a period in excess of two and a half decades succeeded in turning a genuinely innovative musical genius and gentle man into a laughingstock — a joke — a caricature. A caricature is defined as “an exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics in art or literature.”

From the time his talent made him a household name in 1984 until his death in 2009, the public was conditioned to think of Michael Jackson in the following terms: “odd,” “freak,” “weird,” “bizarre,” “strange,” “Wacko Jacko,” “predator,” “pervert,” and “pedophile.” Propaganda and Inflammatory words did immeasurable violence not only to Mr. Jackson but to the world, depriving it of authentic, factual knowledge of a man who, while he has been called the ‘greatest entertainer the world has ever known,’ was also the most inexhaustible humanitarian and lobbyist for change in our cultural memory. Future generations have been cheated, too; Mr. Jackson’s next discipline was to be film direction, by his own admission, and the world will never know what further contributions he might have made had he been alive to make them.

Examined individually, and with a bit of common sense, each of the major stories contributing to the notoriety of a legend, make logical sense in the context of Mr. Jackson’s life. Taken out of context, embellished, and sensationalized, they paint a caricature, not a biography. An overwhelming preponderance of the parodies constructed about Mr. Jackson had a medical basis.

For the full article click below:


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