New MJ Album and the Dilema Surrounding

As you may recall, in March of this year, Sony bought 250 million dollars worth of Michael Jackson material- only for some ten projects to be released over seven years. The deal made history as a record-breaking recording deal. Considering Sony’s past concerning Michael, you have to wonder if Sony is just “cashing in” on Michael’s death. This also begs the question, where was all this enthusiasm when Invincible was released?

Recently, some information regarding the release of the first MJ project since his highly anticipated This Is It has been circulated around the internet. One new album will be released come November of this year featuring singles like ‘Another Day.’ While many are excited for what will be pre-recorded songs by Michael marketed as new songs, the flip side of the anticipated music is that it is being released by Sony, otherwise known as the company that completely dogged Michael out on Invincible. So much so, Michael took action.

So, what’s wrong with Sony?

In 2001, Michael released invincible, his seventh studio album. Unfortunately, Invincible didn’t do as well as Michael’s other albums, and at it’s debut sold only 2 million in the U.S. Invincible was somewhat of a flop, making it his worst selling album (although, Invincible is so highly under-rated). Much of this may be due to Sony’s marketing strategy- make Michael promote it all himself. In other words, Sony treated it as a “sink or swim” thing to sit back and watch what happens. Michael sensed something was up. In 2002, Michael sued sony. 

Here’s a clip of what Michael felt was going down at Sony and spoke out against it at  the Reverend Al Sharpton Sponsored Music Summit in 2002 (unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t very good).

Michael sued Sony and chief executive Mittola for racist business practices and not promoting Invincible which took 30 million to make. Sony claimed their reason for not putting enough promotional effort into Invincible was because they’d already put enough cash into it- some 80 million. Somehow, I find that strange. If that was true, why would Michael have to sue?

So you see, while for some it’s impossible to resist MJ music, at the same time you have to teach companies trying to profit off Michael’s death a lesson. Many see buying the music Sony plans to release as giving them the pass and forgetting about what they did to Michael. If that is the message sent now, when does this kind of sick profiting stop?

More info on the newly released album can be found at the following websites listed:

The messenger, from my understanding, is an actual Sony insider who has the lowdown on what’s going on there.

However, seeing Michael in the record store once more, and all over the place for that matter, wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. I really love the idea of the new music coming out, but at the same time don’t want to support Sony in any way.

In my opinion, a boycott seems the right way to go.


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