The Truth About This Demon

On June 25th, I, like many other fans, took time out to remember Michael Jackson and reminisce about when I first fell in love with him, his various eras, and where I was when I first got the devastating news he had passed. This anniversary of his death, I planned on watching programs he would be in, including a couple of his short films and live concerts of course. I was aware there would be vultures trying to capitalize, and for the most part I knew to avoid those particular programs. On one show though, I had a hunch that the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death would be a “Hot Topic”. Unfortunately, I was right. I tuned into The View and to my surprise find Demon Diane Diamond as an “expert” on Michael Jackson.

For those of you who have never heard of her (consider yourself lucky) here are some things you need to be aware of:

In 1993, Diane did a segment with two of Michael’s “former bodyguards”.  Claiming they were fired because they witnessed inappropriate relations with Michael and young boys, they were a hot pick for the demon lady. Diane swore that the bodyguards were not paid for their story. A contract later revealed that they were given $100,000 to appear on her show. When taken to court, both bodyguards admitted they made the whole thing up.

That same year, Michael’s former maid Blanca Francia appeared on Hard Copy claiming she’d seen Michael naked in a Jacuzzi with young boys. A copy of Francia’s testimony reveals that Hard Copy paid her $20,000 to make this story up. Under oath, the greedy ex-employee admitted she was full of crap as many of these greedy idiots are.
A man named Victor Gutierrez appeared on Hard Copy claiming he’d seen a tape of Michael having inappropriate relations with a young boy. Diane later repeated his comments on a Los Angeles TV Station. When it was proven that Gutierrez made the entire thing up, Michael filed a lawsuit against him and Hard Copy. Although Diane was dismissed from the lawsuit because of some mess regarding journalistic integrity (integrity, HA!) Gutierrez was forced to pay Michael a large sum around $2.7 million.

In 1995, Diane found what appeared to be a random street kid from Toronto who told her that Michael Jackson had sexually abused him. Diane escorted the boy to the police where they questioned him for hours. Diane was ready to report the story on Hard Copy but the boy confessed that he made it all up. Since Diane had already signed on to the story, she was forced to report it. She tried to make it seem as if she was also a victim of the boy’s lie but it’s incredibly obvious that she was the one who sought him out. Why would a kid go to a crappy reporter and make accusations against Michael Jackson? Wouldn’t the police be a more logical alternative? You can bet those parents and/or the devil dimond herself had something to do with that.

Your alarm bells should have been going crazy while reading this stuff!  My problem with this dimond idiot (she’s not even worth hitting the shift key anymore ) is that she’s been advertising herself as an expert on Michael Jackson for something around twenty years and yet all her so-called “facts” are wrong.

 Now back to this episode of The View I regret watching. During their little segment with her in their show, she crapped out  outrageous stuff like Michael’s real voice was similar to Berry White’s, his kids are recluses because he was sheltered them from the media for practically their entire life, and he was $500 mil in the hole at the time of his death.

Here’s the part where I set things straight. For the voice thing, she claimed  that his voice was nothing like the soft voice everyone was used to hearing. According to her Michael and all his brothers spoke with fake soft voices so that the world would remember when they first fell in love with them, therefore helping with their popularity.  Does this not sound like one of the most stupidest things right now? It totally should! Why would someone for thirty plus years try to hide their true voice and go as far as to sing in a fake one just to remind an audience of what they used to be like? True, there are a few songs where we hear a “deeper” voice but take a look at any of his many live performances. I think it’d be damn near impossible to keep singing in a fake high voice while dancing and singing, don’t you? She claims to “know” this about him because he “growled” at her one time. Ok, if someone growls at you a-duh their voice will be a little deeper. I find that story a little revealing too, because if she goes as far as to say that Michael Jackson, a lover not a fighter, made it known to her that she was not liked by him, you should pick up on the fact that she’s no doubt more than a little fishy.

As for the sheltering of the children, it’s not wonder he has to conceal their faces to keep them from the media. Just look at what has happened since his death! The paparazzi couldn’t wait to ruin their innocence. Now you have people posting videos, telling  stories that one of their cousins bought a stun gun for the purpose of harming them, and even shows claiming to know “the secret life of Michael Jackson’s children.” It’s all fabrication! Could you really blame their father for trying to protect them? Afterall, he’s pretty much been there and done that.

Now the debt thing has been proven false. There are documents stating that He had some 400 mil plus. Demon dimond claims that his debt was his whole reasoning for doing the This Is It tours, but it’s been widely known that Michael did This Is It because he, as Michael explained to Kenny Ortega and others, was still young enough to do it and his children were old enough to see it. Plain and simple.

So now that you know the truth about this particular demon’s and her track record, you can see why I was so outraged. It’s truly sad that the whole idea of not speaking ill of the dead has just been thrown out the window nowadays. Especially considering everything this gorgeous man has contributed. All these people want to do is destroy him. And for what? Afterall, people like demon dimond wouldn’t have jobs if it wasn’t for him.


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